How It Works

To make a booking, select the date and tell us what style of entertainment you would like and when you are planning on staging this event. We will work together with you to create a live entertainment you and your customers will love.

Hats Off Entertainment & Promotions’ shows will usually be 2-3 hours in duration and prices are subject to change (excluding PA hire) during high and low seasons and level of acts.

You can choose from:


If your venue does not have sound:

  • We can provide a sound system for one-off hire fee which includes transportation within a 5 kilometer radius of the point of origin of the PA storage
  • Bigger functions such as weddings, private functions and shows will require bigger and higher quality systems, and as such will require a much higher fee for the production
  • More than 5 km distance is an additional fee per kilometre
  • See Equipment Hire for further details

Duration of show:

  • Our quotations are based on 2 or 3 hour shows
  • Each act will perform an average of 2 or 3 sets (45-50 minutes duration each set) with breaks (10-15 minutes duration)
  • Concert festival performance times are determined by the duration of the festival and number of acts

Booking Conditions


  • The duration of a show will be specified when you make the booking.
  • During the performance, if the venue requires the act to play longer than the agreed time, an extra fee must be paid to each performer for every set performed after the agreed time in the contract. This will be a negotiable fee.
  • Extra performance time should be a minimum of 30 minutes and maximum of 45 minutes per extra set.


  • Bookings to be made in advance of at least 1 or 2 weeks to ensure availability of the performers.
  • We would prefer advance bookings so you have the best choice of performers.


  • All performers are to receive 1 standard meal (if the venue sells food) plus drinks (limited to beer or soft drinks only, female singers who do not drink beer should be served house wine) in addition to the quoted performance fee.
  • When performers are required to travel from other cities or countries, the transportation costs and accommodation should be provided by the venue. Providing adequate accommodation may reduce the overall cost of the performers.


  • The venue may cancel the act for any reason before the act is due to perform, however an advance notice of 24 hours must be given before the date of the performance.
  • If a performance is cancelled within 24 hours of the performance date, the venue may incur a cancellation fee to the Hats Off company.


  • Our booking agency is committed to providing quality service and communicating with the Venue in an open and transparent way.
  • We guarantee we will strive to provide the best entertainment and service.

We share a goal – to provide live entertainment that can be enjoyed by everyone.


  • At Hats Off we are confident to take care of all your entertainment needs and worries. By agreeing to stay exclusive with us you avoid having to always contact an act, look for an act, wonder if the act will turn up on the night, and most important… hiring an act that is right for your venue.
  • We at Hats Off Promotions will screen all our acts before they are booked to you through us. This means making sure the act has the right equipment to perform on the night and that the performance will be up to professional standards.
  • We also will supply you with new acts that will save you the trouble of looking for them and if an act should approach you directly you can refer then to us for screening and a booking date.
  • All these services are at no cost to your business. If for any reason you may want to change your booking procedures, with reasonable notice, we will work with you on how best to solve your situation as it arises, and to make sure things run smoothly.


  • Hats Off can put together a advertisement package that can suit your budget and at the same time maximise your promotion needs.
  • For a packaged fee we can do all the advertisement for your venue and we will promote your acts on our website and all relevant websites, including all face book pages dedicated to live entertainment shows, as well other online promotions .If no packaged promotions is required we can give estimated costs on a base to base requirement.
  • Advertisements can take all forms, we can design and print your flyers. Flyers and other promotional material that needs to be placed around town or handed out will be charged a reasonable fee. Occasionally an act will come through with their own promotional material, Hats Off will supply this direct to the venue for only the transportation fee.
  • We also can provide weekly newspaper articles and advertisement for a fixed price. We will be able to put together a package for you that will suit all your needs. Each packaged deal will have its own fee specified for your particular requests.

We will strive to meet your budget needs and make sure that your advertisement needs are met.