Our agency will commit to providing you the best and most reliable entertainment possible.

Hats Off Entertainment & Promotions will be responsible, within reason, for any of our acts appearing on the night booked. However, if circumstances beyond our control should occur, and prevents the act from appearing on the night, Hat’s Off Entertainment & Promotions cannot be held responsible for such said act not appearing as booked. If this situation should occur with the act not appearing on the pre booked night, Hats Off will strive to supply you with another act on such said booking date. This depending if any of our acts are available on such said date.

We will supply any advice on what acts you might need and what PA system, if any that you require. All acts booked through us must meet the standards of our agency.

These standards includes respect for the venue, starting on time, performing the full time booked, with no extended long breaks, choosing inexpensive meals, limiting the amount of alcohol consumed .

Any act that does not meet our standards while performing at the venue will be given one more chance only. If repeated, the act will be immediately removed from our company.


As much as our agency will do its best to secure you a great day event, we realise there are things beyond our control.

We are not responsible for any damage by an act or performer (other than agency property) against any other property, either at the event to and from the event or violence to or from a third party.

Due to the ever changing laws governing work permits and other licenses. All or any work permits pertaining to musicians, performers, comedians and any other act that is booked through HATS OFF PROMOTIONS shall be the responsibility solely of the venue or the performer.

Hats Off Promotions reserves the right to cancel any act with 24 hours notice without written notice.

We reserve the right to cancel any future or further bookings to any act it deems, dishonest, disrespectful or aggressive to either the agency or our clients. We claim no responsibility for any loss of earnings or damages from such said act or acts