For those wishing to join Hats Off Entertainment & Promotions, you will be participating in a new business concept for Cambodia. A chance to make a real difference to not just the entertainment business in Cambodia but to people of Cambodia.

Hats Off Entertainment & Promotions want acts from all walks of life including singers, dancers, comedians, one man shows, rock bands, Khmer shows, Apsara Khmer dance shows, jazz groups, drummers, guitar players, the list goes on.

When you join our exciting new company you will be represented by professionals for professionals. We will guarantee you the best possible price for your performance available. We will make sure your gigs are organised and running smoothly.

For those performers that are just passing through or do not plan to stay long, there are some small conditions that we require you to adhere too if you would like to be part of this great new company.

An act that is passing through, and not booked on tour dates, and would like to be booked through Hats Off Entertainment & Promotions must pay a small booking deposit to ensure there reliability on dates booked. This deposit will be returned to you on completion of any gigs booked through us before your departure.

This is necessary to help guarantee that the act will turn up on the night and complete their performance. If we have to supply a PA system to a venue and the performer fails to show, we incur significant loss.

Hats Off Entertainment & Promotions want to set high standards for its acts as well as its clients. These standards are simple but final. The act must be respectful to the venues wishes and expectations.

The act should be aware of what they wear on stage, (within reason) and should not be dressed as if they’re going to the beach. Remember you are representing an agency that takes pride in booking you.

The act should not drink in excess before or during the gig and should start on time. The act must not take over extended breaks unless specifically asked to do so by the venue.

Drinks and food supplied by the venue, once the show has completed, the act or acts cannot drink for the remainder of the evening for free.

Food will be provided within 90 minutes of the scheduled commencement of the performance. Drinks will be provided from the commencement of the performance (or as agreed by the venue) to the end of the performance.

All acts booked through us must meet the standards of our agency. These standards includes, sound checks to be made as early as possible, starting on time, performing the full time booked.

When the venue wants the act to play longer this will be entirely up to the act to decide if they wish to play on. An extra fee must be paid to the act for the extra time performed. Some gigs may involve an extra night’s accommodation.

Hats Off Entertainment & Promotions will do its best to get you a comfortable room. Any damage caused to the room while you are staying there will be the responsibility of the act. If the damage is malicious and on purpose, you will be taken off Hats Off Entertainment & Promotions’ books.

A commission fee of 10% is to be paid to Hats Off Entertainment & Promotions from the act for every gig performed booked through us. This also is another reason why we take a deposit from acts that are just passing through, as to guarantee our commission being paid to us.

Finally, all acts with Hats Off will be treated with respect and support, this agency is run by performers so we can understand your needs and expectations. We also understand that many performers sometimes do not travel with any equipment they need to do their shows.

Right now we can only supply a full PA. Eventually we will be able to supply our acts with instruments as well as other items for their gigs such as cables, pick-ups and even strings.

Any additional requirements such as musical instruments, cables for instruments, pedals, pick up systems, pedals effect units, must be provided by the act. (Hats Off Entertainment & Promotions can eventually provide these as our business grows).

Bands are strongly encouraged to ask Hat’s Off or familiarise with what’s available regarding the venues stage equipment.

Vocalists should consider bringing their own microphones rather than relying on the venue microphones.

Keyboard Players should check the keyboard offered by the venue or bring their own.

Guitarists should always bring their own strings, plectrums, guitar cable, effects, etc. Guitar amps provided by the venue may be of variable quality and may not be capable of reproducing your required sound.

Drummers must check in advance of drum availability pieces and extras. The venue select of symbols, etc may not meet your requirements, so drummers must be prepared to bring their own special cymbals. In addition, drummers must bring their own tuning keys, sticks and brushes, as the vanues never have these to supply.

We look forward to working with you and getting you the right work for the right money with the right conditions. You will be joining a new expatriate enterprise idea in Cambodia and you will be making a difference to this wonderful ever fast changing country. Thank you from the Hats Off Entertainment & Promotions team.